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Frederique Murphy

Born in France, I moved to Ireland after my leaving cert in search of my ancestors (that is of course where the“Murphy” comes from!) and felt immediately at home: a French woman with an Irish heart! I live in Dublin with my Dutch husband. “Mountain Moving Mindset” blog is focused on introducing you to a set of tips, strategies and techniques that I call the M3 power.

The Person

When or at what age did you first feel that you wanted to run your own business?

I must have been 11 or 12 😉 I was working on a school assignment, where I had to interview a person I admire; I picked my grand-father and I remember being in complete AWE hearing him telling me about all of his business adventures, a real entrepreneur! From that moment on, the entrepreneurial spark was in me and it was only a matter of time for me to make it happen!

Is there any history of entrepreneurship in your family?

😉 I guess I have just answered that question!

What sort of periodicals or newspapers do you like to read?

I’ll admit, not many; I mostly get my news from online, Twitter is amazing for that and then when I want to check a news further, I read the online version of the Irish Times.

How would you feel if someone told you that you need never work again for the rest of your life and all your material needs would be covered?

Ahhhh! You cannot take away my passion; my work is my passion and in the words of Confucius , since I have chosen a job I love, I will never have to work a day in my life; which is truly how I feel.

The Work

When or how do you get your ideas for the business?

Usually, when I least expect them; very, very rarely, at my desk. I have probably gotten over 75% of my business ideas while chilling out with friends and family. The proof of that is in the amount of ideas written in my idea book, which I carry everywhere, and on the amount of napkins, I’ve written on 😉

Do you have a set routine that you follow on a daily basis, or do you have a different approach?

Half/Half; as my business has evolved and is growing, I have started implementing more systems and processes, which makes a lot of the activities smoother, so, all of these are set routines. Having said that, outside of these systems, which probably take about 30% of my day, the rest is always different, I am a very flexible approach.

How do you manage the balance between business and personal worlds?

My number #1 strategy for balance is my planning; I plan everything and for instance, plan and put placeholders in my calendar for both business and personal activities; that way, all activities are booked and planned for.

How do you approach your own work when it comes to reviewing it?

I am a perfectionist (!) and thrive on always improving and always reaching that next level, so monitoring, reviewing, adjusting are part of my routines.

The Clients

What type of businesses do you try to connect with?

My niche is mindset (I know, a large niche!) so my services and solutions apply to all businesses. And, within those businesses, I connect with the owners directly, because helping them master their mindset will have the biggest impact on them mastering their business.

What methods of connecting with clients do you use, which do you find effective and why?

I use a lot of the online social media platform to first connect, give, interact, give, engage, and give again; and with my clients, I connect on the phone, face-to-face, by mail, really leveraging all appropriate media.

Is it important to you how clients react to your work?

Absolutely, I commit to excellence and I am very dedicated to my clients and their successes and will thrive to not only meet but exceed my client expectations.

Have you received negative criticism and if so how have you managed that?

Not so much with my clients, but people around me.  When that happens, I put myself in their shoes and see the world through their eyes, so that I can understand their point of view; that way, I am in a better place to see what I can do. I work with people’s stuff (yes, that a word!) and there is a common tendency to attack/critic the person who is pushing your buttons (that would be me!); I feel it is part of it and will always happen, as it is not necessarily depending on me (well, I ensure that it does not!) Also, I have noticed, as my visibility has increased and as I am on stage as a speaker, I have found that people will have mix reactions, and either love you or hate you. I don’t find this easy, but I am learning how to deal with it!

The Business

There are so many small and medium size businesses in Ireland, and more again starting, what has been your approach to starting and establishing the business?

The first call I made was to my accountant! I had identified that legal structure (which my amazing accountant also advised me on) and numbers were my immediate weaknesses, so bringing an expert on board was the thing to do. Once set up as a company, I defined my expertise by answering 4 questions: Niche, the “What”, Market, the “Who”, Problems, the “Why” and Solutions, the “How”. Then, with these answers, I worked on a communication and marketing plan and off I went!

Do you feel that there are support mechanisms in place for new or developing businesses?

Yes, there are so many! As long as you ask for help.

What is your opinion of the impact of the internet on business?

I love it; I come from a communication background and the internet has multiplied the communication channels we used to have, it is fascinating and providing an ever-growing pool of opportunities.

We’re half way through 2010, and a difficult period in business, do you feel that there are signs of things improving and what can we do to encourage more confidence ?

So, I hear when I watch the news; in my opinion and in my experience, between my clients successes and mine, it has not been a difficult period; it has been a period, where creativity, imagination, persistence, resilience to name a few have been needed. You see, our thoughts control our actions and our actions determine our results, so it is really up to us to take control of our mind to get the results we want. By realising that, it empowers all of us to take charge of our life and business and make it happen.

——–  End  ——–

Thanks to Frederique for agreeing to take the interview, remember to check out her site. You can also follow Frederique on Twitter

Excluding introduction and images, ©Denis Vaughan.


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